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About Competent IT

Founded in 2008, Competent IT is based in Omsk, Russia and specialized in software solutions and offshore software development.

With its technical expertise and innovative culture the company focuses on delivering high-quality, fast time-to-market software solutions and professional business consultancy services.


Our competences

Strengths and expertise of Competent IT lie in development of enterprise software solutions. We have solid experience in design and implementation of PLM/PDM, EMS and WMS systems, solutions for CAD & engineering, blockchain technology, IoT (smart Home, smart City) and more.


Enterprise Solutions

Quality, service and reliability


Web Solutions

Working always with the newest technologies


Mobile Solutions

Bringing performance to Your users

Enterprise Solutions

We offer individual software development services and self developed standard software solutions for our enterprise customers in order to fulfill all their individual requirement. We provide individual, customer oriented services in:

  • Software Development based on Java EE, .Net platforms and Cloud solutions
  • Software Architecture
  • Software Requirements Specification
  • Project Management

We know that mapping requirements and software solutions can be tricky – and because of that we are happy to support our customers with our experts in Business Consulting.

Competent IT for Enterprises


• PLM / PDM Systems

• EMS Systems

• PIM Systems


• WMS Software

• Cloud Solutions

• Logistics Solutions

CAD & Engineering

• Workflow System Projeсt

• Project Manager

• Tool Database

Web Solutions

We develop individual software solutions leveraging modernest web technologies in areas of:

  • Engineering data visualisation for CAD
  • Blockchain
  • Modern web clients for desktop and mobile


Web Solutions for Engineering


Visualisation of engineering data with Web GL technology based on three.js, babylon.JS and other 3D frameworks

Individual Software Development

Modern web clients based on JavaScript frameworks like React, Angular, knockoutjs and other.



Audit of smart contracts, smart contract development, bot development,  stock analytics and reporting, individual software development based on blockchain technology

Mobile Solutions

We can deliver all kinds of mobile solutions – from mobile applications over IoT to your individual software solution.

Internet of things (IoT)

Smart Home to connect all your devices in your house and let them work together for you.

Smart City to improve everyday life for all people.


Mobile Applications

iOS development to publish your applications to the Apple App Store.

Android development to publish your applications to the Google Play Store.

Individual Software Development

Development of business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) enterprise client applications. Integration of enterprise information systems (EIS). 

  • Native development for iOS and Android mobile platforms.
  • Web development of responsive client applications for any mobile platform and all devices. Write once, run everywhere.



Competent IT developed a range of standard products for your company and business.

Service Software for the business management over engineering and production to sales and after sales with customer relation management.

If you are looking for a standard product rather than individual software solution please take a look at our portfolio and do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Workflow System Projeсt

Keep all your projects successful! We know that PM should not be about managing software but business:

  • Time line overview
  • Budget calculation and life data
  • Time tracking of all projects members

As a web application the PM assistant is always available and reliable for your success.

Project Manager

Industry 4.0 is today! Easy and fast installation brings you to the future in no-time

  • Keep live track of all machines
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Available for every machine

PDM and PLM visualization is available in several version, perfectly suited for your company and production size.

Tool Database

Business is not done by only selling products. Our CRM assistant will help you stay close to your customers and provide the service they deserve:

  • User managed data
  • Easy file system for individuals and enterprises
  • Overview over purchased products and status

CRM Organisator works perfect in combination with our PDM Visualization and Project Manager.

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